NEU: Longquan Kommunikationszentrum des Buddhismus Deutschland e.V.

Buddhism is a religion with faith as its root, liberation as its goal, education as its core and culture as its linking tie. On the one hand, the spread and communication of Buddhist culture in China have left a great cultural heritage for humankind. Buddhist cultural and artistic creations in such fields as architecture, sculpture, casting, painting, music, printing, theater, poetry and novel, have exerted profound and extensive influence on Chinese culture. On the other hand, Chinese Buddhism has had a long-standing influence on later generations with its basic spirit of „do no evils, practice all good deeds“ and the eternal themes of compassion, wisdom, equality and perfect harmony.
Our organization “Longquan Kommunikationszentrum des Buddhismus Deutschland e.V.” is under the advising of Beijing Longquan Monastery. This is our first time to participate the long night of religions. We will invite the Chinese Bhikkhuni masters from Longquan Great Compassion Monastery from the Netherlands to Berlin for the great event.

17:00~19:00 Practice of Chinese traditional calligraphy & painting & handcraft, Tea culture, try-out of Vegan cuisine.
19:00~20:00 Meditation course, guided by the Venerable Bhikkhuni Masters
20:00~21:00 Lecture: The modern Han-Buddhism (English)
21:00~22:00 Meditation course, guided by the Venerable Bhikkhuni Masters
22:00~23:00 Discussion and communication

Thaerstraße 39, 10249 Berlin